4 Ways to Fix Hard Disk Problems

Fix Hard Disk Error
The world's first hard disk built by IBM Company whose capacity was only 5 MB. As time passed there were huge changes in the hard disk and is available today in the TB. After IBM, and many more companies, the production and trade in the area not left to chance. Compared to the first hard disk from later, it's available in smaller and high storage capacity. Multimedia data, you can keep it safe, but it was not maintenance hard disk from time to time, it will have problems related to disk error. It stores data on the hard disk which at risk. So things described below, to give special attention can get rid of the problem is coming.

What is the hard disk?

Hard disk drives, computer storage device having a permanent store the data. As the digital information stored on magnetic or can retrieve. The computer, which is part of the most power consume. The smallest unit is a bit, but it is measured in bytes.

8 Bit = 1 Byte
1024 Bytes = 1 Kilo Bytes (KB)
1024 Kilo bytes = 1 Mega Bytes (MB)
1024 Mega Bytes = 1 Giga Bytes (GB)
1024 Giga Bytes = 1 Tera Bytes (TB)
1024 Tera Bytes = 1 Peta Bytes (PB)
1024 Peta Bytes = 1 Exabytes (EB)
1024 Exabytes = 1 Zetta Bytes (ZB)

Reasons of error in the hard disk

When you use the computer much, the work would have to be even more. Problems in the hard disk of the main reasons: -
  • Make lots of new files (Wrong way to make),
  • To delete useless files (Deleting the wrong way),
  • Do not shut down the computer properly,
  • Using the longer hard disk, and related reasons,
For these reasons the hard disk, disk error and a fatal error to start coming. If not taken seriously, your hard disk seems to be slowly deteriorating and someday may even crash.

How to remove the hard disk error

To solve the error occurred in the hard disk, Disk Defragment, Scan Disk and Disk Cleanup can be used. These largely removed error, and can be prevented. If these do not solve the problem, then please format.

1 Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility, that is used in hard disk unwanted or useless files (which are hard disk surplus space which surrounds the computer gets slow) is to remove. If the hard disk drive to the Disk Cleanup, click the right button of the mouse, then go to Properties option. Then the general tabs click the Disk Cleanup button. After selecting the items in the list box, you can click on the OK button. A confirmation message box will appear to do so, in which you can click the Delete button.

Fix Hard Disk Error

2 Scan Disk

Scan disk utility is a very Important for Windows. Using for auto-fix to the hard disk system error and the bad sector is also repaired. This process is accomplished in several phases and takes time, according to the size of the drive. Much of the problem arises from bad sector of the hard disk, so from time to time as required by using this utility can be used to eliminate bad sector. The hard disk drives are scanned, and then click the right button on the mouse to the Properties option. Tools tab, then click the check now button. Now you select the items in check disk window, and then click the Start button. Please wait until the process is complete.

Fix Hard Disk Error

3 Disk Fragment

Lots of files to be deleted with the use of computers and the hard disk become white space, which is called a disk fragment. 6-months interval is necessary to defragment the disk. Because the white space on the hard disk and the data will arrange. Defragment your hard disk by disk defragmenter tool to fast. Please open windows All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter. After selecting the drive, then click on Defragment Disk button and waited till the completion.

Fix Hard Disk Error

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