How to Change WiFi Password in Router or Modem

Change WiFi Password
In this changing world everything is much better than before, or have already become. In terms of the Internet, which was limited to LAN cable, today Wi-Fi (wireless) is also available. By Wi-Fi, without the help of a LAN cable, you can connect to the Internet. For this you must be a Wi-Fi device, your device will connect to the Internet. Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet PC, smart phones and many other such devices which have internet access, Wi-Fi are available inbuilt or separate. But for all the must have a transmitter Wi-Fi device, which is in the form of Wi-Fi Router or Modem.

Together with the help of Wi-Fi device and shares can be linked to each other. Wi-Fi range and user capacity will be depend on a router or modem. For security reasons, the password protection feature is provided, any user without a password it will not access the Internet with the help of Wi-Fi. Sometimes prompted to change the password for any reason, there is Wi-Fi. Go to the settings of the router or modem is required to change the password.

How to change the password of the Wi-Fi router

1 Open the router's configuration page in the manner described below.
  • Connect your computer to the router with the help of LAN cable.
  • On the back panel of the router, you have something like this (, or to get the address.
  • Please type address in any browser address bar to open login page.

Change WiFi Password
Change WiFi Password

2 Then go to the wireless option, select the wireless security.

Change WiFi Password

3 One thing to be aware of the particular security mode WPA / WPA2 only. Now put the desired password, and click on apply.

Change WiFi Password

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