How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows

Show hidden files and folders
Many computer users to your confidential or important files, which do not share with any other wish, therefore, in terms of security and keeping hidden. Hide the file and folder, is hidden in the computer's drive is a good way to hide from the other user. Its attributes make the change can be brought back into normal mode. Hard drives, USB flash drive, memory card or other media storage device, the folder or file you can manually hide, but sometimes it goes Auto Hide it could be for many reasons, the biggest reason is the virus.

What are Hidden File and Folder?

The file or folder, the computer remains both appear on the list or not find, then he is called hidden files or folders. Hide files or folders can be a lot of ways, but the most normal and the system is in hidden mode.

How to Show Hidden files and Folders

Hidden files or folders to view, please go to control panel and open the folder option. Then go to the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders, and drives option, then click on apply. Doing so, will be seen hidden files in fade color, which will be hidden that shall fade.

Show hidden files and folders

Too many files or folders will be system hidden, to see it, please go to control panel and open the folder option. Next, go to the View tab and select the Show hidden files and Hide protected option after click on apply button, then system hidden files, will look at the color fade.

Show hidden files and folders

How to Unhide Hidden Files and Folders

To unhide any hidden files or folders, their properties have to change the attributes, which later become the normally visible. Which is to unhide, then go to Properties and uncheck the Hidden box of attributes, so only those files will be visible normal. If the check box, check turn again, then it will be hidden in the same way again.

Show hidden files and folders

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