7 Ways to Increase Speed of Windows

Speed Up Windows
To speed up the pace of any computer, many things have to keep in mind. If the computer is not fast, so the user has to face a lot of problems. It all depends on computer hardware and software. From time to time, these should not focus so much on the computer's performance will make the difference, besides this computer’s operating system (OS) is also an important role. If you are Windows OS use, adopting methods described below, can balance the speed of Windows. One thing to keep in mind in particular the configuration of the computer, select the Windows OS, so it will not run the computer will generate a lot problem.

How to Speed Up Windows to be Faster

1Reduce Startup Programs

There is a feature in Windows, under which Windows has started, to launch the startup programs is auto. If these numbers were not limited, to the Windows Quick Start will become a major obstacle. Therefore, if necessary, leave the important startup programs. But better than the normal program, please remove all the rest. msconfig, with the help of the Startup Programs can add or delete the programs. Open Windows run command and type msconfig then press the enter key.

Startup Programs

2Check the speed of RAM

Windows speed, depends on the computer's RAM, the RAM should keep the requirement of Windows OS's. And more to increase the RAM, it will be a much faster pace of Windows. According to the motherboard's RAM capacity has always been an effort to keep the maximum.

3Virus and Spyware always keep away

The biggest threat to your computer from viruses and spyware, which causes the Windows system files Infected, corrupt or are deleted, and then leads to problems relating to these lots. Because of these problems, not running Windows correctly finds. As a result, many obstacles get into your work. In addition to these, your important data is also at risk.

Computer virus or spyware has come over to data exchanges (such as infected pen drive, CD / DVD, Internet and external media storage device). For the prevention you should install good antivirus software on your system. Whereby in your computer may not be any viruses or spyware. From time to time scans all systems from antivirus.

4Stop Unnecessary services

Lots of windows to activate service due to its speed makes the difference. Therefore, the same service is important for you to keep active, everything else should stop. Type services.msc in the Windows Run, press enter. Service window opens after selecting him to stop the service, you can click the stop button, so it will terminate active service.

5Make Disk Cleanup

If you're working long hours on the computer and put so many files will be stored on the system hard disk. Additionally, be sure you have lots of data will be linked to the job, using the hard disk will be much. So lots of junk files and temp files in your hard disk space will be laid. All of them removed with the help of Disk Cleanup can increase hard disk space.

Disk Cleanup

6System defragment

The best live performance of hard disk speed of more help than Windows, it would be best if these are one & quarter empty. Windows run command dfrg. msc (for XP) and dfrgui (for windows 7 or later) the type and then press the enter key. Defragment window opens, it contains make the drive rotate selecting defragment.

7Remove unwanted or useless programs

If you keep unwanted or useless programs installed in your system, then please remove it. They will consume your system's memory and space that will be your OS slow. Many such programs to use the Internet when you accidentally click somewhere on the auto are installed, there is also a program of virus which is likely to be slow Windows. Any Installed Program to remove from the system, please open Programs and features in the Windows control panel , then selecting the removal program and uninstall it.

Programs Uninstall

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