How to Type in Hindi on Windows or Android

Google Input Tools
To be the world's third most spoken language is Hindi. Hindi also has a positive initiative in the world of computers, but many computers, laptop, tablet PC, or Android device does not have to type in Hindi. But Google input Tool is easy to type, this tool has been added in the 22 languages that the user can select the language required to write it. The English keyboard itself, are written in Hindi or the selected language. The tool is available free for Windows and Android. A Google Input Tool for Windows its website and Google Play Store for Android, has to be installed online.

What is Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tool, which works for Windows users to input editor by using the English QWERTY keyboard, lets you type text in any supported language. Any word in English, writing in the pronunciation of the language, he is transformed into Devanagari. It can be used without internet connection.

Google Input Tool

How to install Google Input Tool in Windows

This tool is very easy to install, first you go to the website of the Google Input Tool. Choose languages given it, and then it can agree, click on the download button. Now, wait until download and install.

How to Install Google Input Tool in Android

Online install Google Input Tool on the Android device from Google Play Store. First, you open the Google Play Store and type Google Input Tool in the search box. Please select and install aaps from the search list box.

Google Input Tool

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