How to Boot PC From USB or External Device

Boot from USB Device
Booting is called the process of loading OS or other programs from storage drive into memory on the computer. You want to boot USB Flash drive or External drive, please enter into BIOS and set Boot order. Change the Boot sequence is set to first boot device is USB external device option. After setup first boot device is USB Device then save BIOS setting and restart the PC, when system startup then booting first device. If the booting device is bootable, then boot else leave booting process and system startup normally.

Enter Boot menu just press the F12 function key keyboard, but some mother boards are using different keys. So you first know your mother boards Boot key to enter.

New Computers BIOS hot keys F1, F2, DEL, ESC, F10* and Older Computers BIOS hot key are CTRL + ALT + ESC, CTRL + ALT + S, CTRL + ALT + ENTER, CTRL + ALT + S, PAGE UP KEY, PAGE DOWN KEY.

How to Setup Boot Order in BIOS

First, you restart your PC and watch for the startup screen when shows any booting message similar "Press DEL to enter setup", just you press the key to enter setup.

I explain some steps for setting up Boot sequence for USB or External Device.

1 Please press "F2" Function key on your keyboard for entering in BIOS setup.

Boot From USB or External Device

2 Then you select the Boot menu using keyboard "??" key.

Boot From USB or External Device

3 Select "Boot Device Priority"option using keyboard "- or +" key.

Boot From USB or External Device

4 Select first booting option "Removable Devices" in "Boot" menu.

Boot From USB or External Device

5 Press "F10" function key for saving your BIOS setting and then press "Enter" key to Save & Exit.

Boot From USB or External Device

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