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Windows Repair Tool
Sometimes yours windows OS creates auto startup problems, file missing, files corrupted and more problems. Where by OS not run properly with yours command, then windows work still and generate problems for you. All error and problems, generate by many reasons virus infections, wrong software installation or un-installation, system files deletion, windows OS in running direct power off and many reasons.

The problem is, your work can be interrupted, never a lack of time will be required to work and the time it won't complete. This problem is so small it is very serious, it can’t be ignored. Many people understood the problem and re-install Windows to take format, making them suffer and have to waste extra time. If you want to install Windows is fine, but if you do not think you do have to spend money. Given the problems which made the variety of Windows repair tools are quite helpful. Using these tools can be used to remove the small error becomes a serious problem later.

But don’t worry, I suggest 5 best free repair tool for Win 7, some tools compatible for Win 8/8.1. Windows repair tool has various features, some tools work in running windows and some tools work on windows startup.

Note: When you use a Windows repair tool, please backup your important files from the system drive.

System File Checker

System File Checker
SFC /SCANNOW it is a command of Windows system file checker, using MS DOS or Run. This command can fix corrupted or missing system files, errors in few minutes. System file checker required windows bootable CD/DVD for restoring missing or corrupted system files. sfc /scannow command to work from Command Prompt Run as Administrator in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. This command is fixed or copy important system files including DLL files on your computer.


FixWin utility is a freeware portable application for fix windows, annoyances & issues. FixWin utility is fixed over 50 common Win 7 and Vista issues. New released FixWin v 2 to repair & fix common Win 8 and Win 8.1 issues. FixWin utility defines Internet & Connectivity, Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, System Tools & Misc Additional Fixes categories. FixWin v 2 have some category change with File Explorer, Modern UI and Troubleshooters. This utility fixes when Recycle Bin icon missing or hide, explorer.exe not work, Task Manager permanently disable, some Windows features are disabled and similar issues.


Sometimes Windows Media Player generates some issue file missing or corrupted its normal issue by system crashes, virus or malware attacks, component registration corrupting and many reasons. You fix this problem using Fix WMP, it is a free and portable utility you can use without installation on any Windows system for Windows Media Player repair. When you run WMP and getting or facing any issues don’t worry, run this Fix WMP utility.

Safe Mode Fixer

Safe Mode is a special feature of Windows, using for fix system critical problem when Windows normal startup. Generally Safe Mode is used to troubleshoot Windows when system not function correctly. Many viruses and malware attack or corrupt Safe Mode, then you can’t system boot in Safe Mode. Its very critical situation, but you fix these problems without reinstalling or restoring Windows using Safe Mode Fixer utility. You download Safe Mode Fixer utility and run in normal Windows interface to repair Safe Mode Fixer.

Windows Repair

Windows Repair
Windows Repair is the best powerful tool to re-register system files, reset Registry, File permissions, and remove malware system policies, repair firewall, WMI, IE, Winsock and more. You select problems in Windows Repair just check the boxes and repair in seconds. This tool has an easy fix to 30 powerful Windows problems.

Note: Please backup system drive, then use Windows Repair tool.

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