How to Replace Defective Seagate Hard Disk in Warranty

Seagate Hard Disk
Hard disk is a data storage device, used in computer or laptop to data safe stored permanently or retrieving. Its capacity was lower in pre, but nowadays it is available in a large size, which is used as needed. Our work depends on the computer's hard disk, operating system and all the software that you need to live in the store. Which is why it is possible to work on the computer, the OS and Installed software Reserve put in place for the remaining place leaves other data stores.

Seagate is the world's most Popular Company for the manufacturing hard drive. it manufactured the large amount of the hard drive and the other storage device. Today, the world has become a very reliable brand, if ever hard disks malfunction even if the warranty service is within the prescribed time limit. The new or old hard disk is also very well come technical problem, which has created a problem for many reasons, such as hard disk crush, write Protect, Dead, unlocked, power failure, corrupted and more Similar problems.

Seagate warranty policy keeping in mind the problem can solve by themselves, and that cannot solve it, you can make the warranty claim to replacement of the defective hard disk. If you have a similar problems hard disk, you can claim for warranty at your nearest Seacare service center or online. The process is very simple, the first defective hard disk warranty periods check on the website. Special care should be taken in a matter of your defective hard disk, Seagate warranty policy according or not. If not, then you will deny warranty service.

How to Check Seagate Hard Disk Warranty

1 First you go to the Seagate warranty verify a website.

2 Fill in the details of the hard disk and then click on the Submit button.
Check Your Seagate Hard Drive Warranty

3 The current status of your warranty will now be seen.

Check Your Seagate Hard Drive Warranty 1

If your hard disk is within the warranty period then please follow the instructions given below.

How to Replacement Defective Seagate Hard disk

1 Currently Accelfrontline company management is doing all of the Seagate warranty service. First, go to the Accelfrontline website, register your profile and take customer ID. Through the customer ID you can claim for warranty.

2 Once completed customer ID, online warranty page opened and then selecting vendors then click on her link.

Seagate Warranty Claim Request1

3 Then click on the customer registration link.

Seagate Warranty Claim Request2

4 Then Click on "New Profile".

Seagate Warranty Claim Request3

5 Please fill in the blanks and agree the Terms & Conditions, then click on Register.

Seagate Warranty Claim Request4

Once you have the customer ID at your nearest Seacare center should give the defective hard disk with a customer ID to claim for warranty Or call at Toll Free number 18004254535, comply with the instruction of customer representative for warranty claims. After a long interval of 10-15 days, the replacement of your defective hard disk to your new hard disk will be sent to the address given correspondence.

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