How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Gmail Account

Gmail is a webmail service which is powered by Google. Today, it is the world's most popular email service provider. Its millions of users the most reliable and secure as is the Gmail. The security system is strong because it is a trusted brand in the hearts of all is created. Currently, its storage capacity has been increased to 1.5 GB which is absolutely free, for more storage capacity, you will have to pay Google.

Many new features were added to the needy at a Gmail user friendly as well as very useful for users. It is designed to facilitate the users considerable time savings possible.

What causes unwanted email is coming?

Sometimes you visit a website, online form, email updates or inadvertently gives your e-mail id, which was submitted to the website and its updates to your email, send your lives unwillingly. It is a small but serious problem causing unnecessary your email inbox is filled, which is important not only for you.

How to unsubscribe unwanted email?

If unwanted email is not useful to you and you have fed it to get rid of the email please unsubscribe. Find the unsubscribe link in the emails came open, which could be anywhere above or below, click on it. During unsubscribe may be asked to reason, then you should unsubscribe by telling any reason.

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